A pro isn't one who sacrifices himself for the job.
                                                        ——that's just a fool.
                                                        never said I wasn't one

Eyes affected by Jenova cells

so i’m trying to get back onto this account. like / let me know if you want a starter or plot something out 

[ does not budge and kind of holds on, a pout upon his lips ] “A way to greet you.” [[ LMAO YOU MISSED US xDD ]]

the kid didn’t want to move, huh? oh, he’s got this in the bag
so he just grins that damn grin of his & leans in close,
nose-to-nose because, hell, why not?

             ”I can think of a better way.”



{ϟ};; — “You sure about that?”

                 ”What, ya gonna electrify me with that pretty electric show ya got?”

In three words, how would you describe Cloud?

            “Can’t I just say that he has a constant stick up his ass?”



    “I’m an ex stealth operative. I don’t ask, I take.”

                  “Sure ya do, girly. Sure ya do.”